We do want to continue,
but we need your help

When Bezobalu was founded eight years ago, our vision was to introduce zero waste shopping in the Czech Republic. Since then, we have opened three stores and managed to save more than 68 tons of disposable packages.

However, past two years were very hard for us. Still, we dont want to give it up. We want to remain here for all those who care about the world we live in and who share concern for sustainable shopping.

At the moment we need your help, and we need it more than ever before. In the summer, lots of people are leaving Prague, and it could be the last drop for our stores. You can support us with your shopping and help us not to wrap it up!

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Support us and do some
shopping in advance

In the summer, we prefer lying in the sun or jumping to the water. Why would one prefer to go shopping? You can still help us with buying an electronic voucher for your future shopping. This will be very helpful for us, and you can come to our store later, anytime it is convenient for you. We are saving paper, so there is no need to print out anything; we will send you a code to your e-mail, and then you can come whenever you want. The code is valid by the end of 2022.

Voucher sales have been discontinued. Thank you for your support! 🤍

Why shopping in Bezobalu?

The reason why Bezobalu was founded was that we disliked a huge amount of disposable packaging material which is used anytime people do shopping. We wanted to have a shop where products are not packed in unnecessary packages, where adverts do not force us to buy things we do not want, and where ingredients of products are stated clearly without tricking customers. And thats why we started selling groceries without useless disposable packaging and we started a little revolution in the Czech Republic.

We carefully chose clean products. Products that help our health and dont hurt nature. We avoid processed, artificially flavoured or colored products and toxic cosmetic and cleaning products. We offer only goods which we can stand for and which we want to eat and use ourselves.

For eight years, we have been spreading the idea of sustainability and we are convinced that each of us can make a change. It is not necessary to be perfect. Small steps are good enough. Even some small shopping in Bezobalu will support a change in shopping and agriculture.

And one more reason – we are cheaper! ✂️

As prices of basically everything are going up, we decided to adjust our offer. We do not sell just organic products, but also their affordable alternatives. We hope that it will enable package free shopping for more people, and together we will show that it is possible even without disposable packaging.

507 kg

of waste is produced by an average Czech every year

48 %

of municipal solid waste ends up in landfills

13 546

of Prague swimming pools in Podolí would be filled with municipal solid waste produced in a year